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What does it take to get a good deal?

What does it take to get a good deal?

This is a question for the ages, however in 2015 new car manufacturers have made buying a new car a lot easier. Credit has loosened, and interest rates are at an all-time low…in some cases 0%. $50,000 cars come with lease payments under $600/month. This may mean very little for some of us, but it outlines the opportunity to get a good deal.


Here is a list of what it takes to buy a new car:

1.       Know what you can afford

a.       Down Payment

b.      Monthly Payment

c.       Total Cost

2.       Know what you want

a.       Car

b.      Truck

c.       SUV

d.      Power

e.      Good Gas Mileage

f.        Luxury

g.       Economical

3.       Know your total cost of ownership

a.       Car Payment

b.      Insurance Payment

c.       Repair Costs

d.      Cost of capital (finance cost)

4.       What’s your timeline (when do you want to own a new car)

5.       Find a dealer you trust

6.       Shop online for pricing and special finance deals

7.       Trade-in or sell-it-yourself

8.       Get 3 price quotes

9.       Narrow your search down to 3 Cars (be open to the best deal)

10.   Don’t get emotional… it’s not your grandma – it’s a car

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Car Buying Advice

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