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Top 3 Reasons to get a new car quote

Top 3 Reasons to get a new car quote

Top 3 Reasons to get a new car quote

Car shopping has changed forever, but car buying has not changed as much. You can go online and search for cars and look at features for hours, but when it comes time to buy you have to make contact with a car dealer. We recommend getting an online quote before you go into the store.

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Here are the top 3 reasons to get a new car quote:

1.       Confirm you budget assumptions

2.       Identify a dealer you can work with

3.       Make the shopping process easier

Confirm you budget assumptions

Buying a car has gotten both a lot easier and more challenging. There is a ton of information on the web about new car pricing, but car shoppers are still challenged with getting a good deal. We think a key element of a good deal is getting a new car quote. By getting a new car quote you can really get handle on your budget.

When you look at car prices online, you can’t be sure if that vehicle includes all of the features you want, too many features, or if you are shopping for the right trim level. Getting a quote on a real car in inventory will advance your car shopping by leaps and bounds. Once you have a car quote you now have an opportunity to make sure you can afford the car you have been shopping for and dreaming about.

Identify a car dealer you can work with

By getting a new car quote you able to identify a dealer you can work with. The worst case scenario is you eliminate one from consideration. The online new car quote process is a great way to assess the way a dealer does business and to get a preview of your new car buying experience before you invest your Saturday afternoon on a test drive. Pay special attention to how quickly the car dealer answers to your request and how courteous the car dealer is in responding to your email exchanges. Like most relationships the beginning of the relationship with your car dealer is a good indication of how the relationship will end.

Make the shopping process easier

There is a reason you are shopping online for a new car.  You want to make an informed decision, you want to save time, and you want to shop on your terms. Buying a new car can be both fun and stressful. For most Americans this is the 2nd largest purchase we will make as consumers after buying a home. The internet has allowed us to cut hours out of the shopping experience. Can you image driving around to 4 or 5 different car dealerships over a series of weekends test driving cars at the cost of a time investment of over 20 hours – Yuck!

The Long and Short

Today we have an opportunity to gather tons of data to shorten our time on the dealer’s lot. By getting a quote from a real dealer, you can make that “in the dealership” time a lot more productive when you know your bottom line and can agree on the terms of purchase before you walk into the dealership.

Most consumers go online to find the right car. The car shopper today has never been more knowledgeable. However, far too many consumers do all of the investigative work on the car or even the car dealer without engaging the dealer themselves before starting the buying process. It’s like marring someone after checking out their profile online, but never exchanging text messages, emails,   phone calls, or a date before the proposal. Get a quote and save yourself some time, some money, and maybe even some heartache.

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