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When Should I Get an Auto Insurance Quote?

When Should I Get an Auto Insurance Quote?

This is a great question. The auto insurance quote is a key element in car shopping, one that far too many car shoppers forget. Once you have found your next new car, the last thing you want is sticker shock on car insurance. You do not want to wake up the second day of new car ownership to discover you can’t afford your dream car. That would stink!

The solution and simple answer to the question of “when should I get an auto insurance quote,” is before you buy.  To be more specific, you should shop for insurance online while you are shopping for cars online.  recommends that you start getting insurance quotes as you narrow your list of car choices down to 3 or 4 options that you are serious enough about to test drive.

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You should feel free to reach out to your current auto insurance company. They will welcome the opportunity strengthen their relationship with you.  We also recommend that you get at least one quote from another auto insurance carrier. You should take advantage of this time to save money – excuse me… save more money. The good news is most auto insurance companies don’t charge for this service. The speed and accuracy of their quoting process will also give you an indication of their brand of customer service, so don’t make an auto insurance buying decision on price alone. Check out the ratings for the insurance companies you consider too. Additionally, make sure you are getting apples to apples automobile insurance quotes for the exact same coverage and deductibles. We highly recommend taking good notes or getting a written copy of the quote (electronic or hard-copy).

Good luck and happy shopping – now go out and save some money — excuse me… save more money!

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