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The Life of the Female Car Shopper

The Life of the Female Car Shopper

The female car shopper continues to make her mark on the auto industry. As the female population has outpaced the male population, the growth in adult women car buying should speak volumes to the auto industry. Women influence over 90% of all car shopping decisions. They are a force to be reckoned with.

The Top 5 brands for women, based on market share, according to Polk’s 2011 New Vehicle Registrations data (year-to-date through October) are as follows: Toyota (13.1%), Honda (11.9%), Ford (10.7%), Chevrolet (10.0%) and Nissan (9.2%). This has changed a lot in recent years. According to data from iSeeCars in a recent article from the The Cheat Sheet the top ca brand for women today is Kia.

Female car shoppers tend to investigate and do more research comparing cars and car reviews. The female car shopper presents the car dealer with a new brand of informed shopper. If this is true, why have women had such a hard time getting a good deal? In an article on it appears that the treatment of women by some car dealers in recent years still looks like a scene out of the 1950’s.

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So the question becomes… what should women do? Being a smart shopper is universal for both male and female car shoppers. It all starts with good research. This will help you identify both the right car and the right dealer. Additionally, you will be able to identify good pricing too. The next thing is to get online quotes (multiple) for insurance, financing, and the price of your new car. Keep good notes, so you can follow up on the best offers when the time is right.

The difference comes in once it’s time to make contact with the dealer. In the world of car shopping knowledge is power and both displaying and using your knowledge is key. One of the most powerful tools female car shoppers have in their toolbox is their ability to walk away if they don’t feel good about the deal. It’s important to resist the urge to give in and “just get it over with.” female car shoppers have an opportunity to save a lot of money and not feel “ripped off.”


Saving money takes work. Finding the right car at the right price with the right financing terms is work. Negotiating with a car dealer is also work. Know that it will get uncomfortable at some point during the process. If you find a good car dealer and a good salesperson, you have a real chance at a good experience. However, you may have to trade a good experience for a good deal. Maybe you will get lucky and all of the stars will align and you can have both. If not, get ready for battle ladies.

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