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Car Shopping and Dating

Car Shopping and Dating

Top 10 Reasons Car shopping is like dating

1. Both require a lot of time and energy – Both car shopping and dating require a lot of time effort and energy. The more you put in the more you get out.
2. Both can be frustrating — Car shopping and dating are both very tough. Finding the right car at the right price can be very challenging. Not unlike finding a mate, car shopping and dating can both be full of heartache and discontent.
3. Both can be disappointing—Very often it’s the people in the process that make both car shopping and dating disappointing. Finding someone you can work with that you like and trust is tricky business.
4. You have to kiss a few frogs before you find the prince (the one) – It’s very unlikely you will buy the first car you see, nor will you marry the first person you go out on a date with. Be diligent with your research and find the right match for you.
5. You go into it distrusting the other person’s intent – Car dealers and dates very often come into the relationship displaying their “representative.” The person they want you to see may not be the person or car you want. The person or the car may not be all of the things they represent themselves to be at first glance. Ask lots of questions and get the CarFax.
6. You never accept the first offer – Car shopping and dating are both complex negotiations. You have to give and take in both types of relationships. A proposal like the car deal comes with a courtship.
7. You ask friends and family for advice – We all come up against a wall and we don’t have all of the answers. Very often we look to friends and family. We have to be careful. Some of the people closest to us may not be the best people to help us solve our problem.
8. The advice you get is hard to apply in real life – This is true for car shopping and finding love. It all sounds good coming out of other people’s mouths. However, putting it into action when you’re under pressure is a lot harder than it looks.
9. You do a ton of searching online before you have an in person meeting. Online car shopping and online dating are very similar. We do tons of research on cars and people. We review how-to articles from industry experts long before we are able to really find a match that’s right for us.
10. When you’re car shopping and dating you look at a lot of pictures online before you make contact – If you use Tender, Match,, or It seems like the options are endless, but it’s still tough. You go back to the ones you really like and the ones that you think would really like you. Hopefully, when you’re ready to make contact the one you want is still available. Finding a match is a two way street. Your match has to be right for you and you right for your match.




Affairs of the heart have a lot in common with affairs of the parking lot. Finding the right car at the right price with the right financing is tough to do. Finding that special someone you will spend the rest of your life with is even more challenging. The parallel between car shopping and dating is undeniable. Each requires time, effort energy, and patience. Both are built on knowing what you want and what you’re willing to compromise. Neither is an exact science, but both offer the opportunity for happiness and satisfaction.

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